Earphones with Mic- How to choose the best – ultimate buying guide

earphones with mic

When buying earphones with mic, one is often forced to make the decision between quality and affordability. However, there are shopping criteria to choose your earphones. Here, we will discuss the detailed aspects that help you make your final buying decision. Take these points into account, and you’ll be on the right track to choose the perfect earphone for you. 

Customer reviews

Many people are impressed by the quality of earphones available from top brands, but there are also numerous reviews from people who are unconvinced that they are the best on the market. GH SERIES L Gaming Earphones have received positive reviews for their quality and affordability while also being extremely portable. And compared to the in-ear options from other brands, they come at a fraction of the cost.

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For the in-ear option, various top brands’ sale also face some stiff competition. The GH SERIES KZ hybrid earphones are very affordable, offer great sound clarity, and have a comfortable design. Compared with Bose and Sony’s similar offerings, this option from Gadget heaven is by far the cheaper alternative.

Compare Price

GH earphones would be the smartest buy as the price are lower than other famous websites such as Amazon and eBay. In the long run, quality is something that one needs to pay for. But there is also the possibility that a cheaper set of earphones from another brand could suit your requirements and maybe even outperform similar options in some aspects. The most important thing to remember when selecting the right earphones with mic for you is to research all the available options. The most expensive doesn’t always mean the best.

Sound Quality

When it comes to buying a good earphone, the vital aspect is the frequency range. The human ear can hear around 20Hz to 20K Hz, and the earphone should cover this range. Don’t forget to check how quickly the device changes the frequencies. If the frequencies change faster, you will get a richer sound. Moreover, also pay attention to the number of transducers and their size. Transducers help to convert electricity into sound. 


Do you prefer practicality or sound quality? The answer to this question will determine what type of connection you want. Models that come with Bluetooth technology are all the rage in recent years. However, it is said that they don’t offer the same sound quality as wired earphones offer in the same price ranges.

Size & Design

If you are a person who loves listening to music while on the move, then size and design are the important points. Models without wire are the most practical when you are on the go. They often don’t take up much space. However, you need to choose something more discreet if you are using them in your workplace. In short, your preferences and needs will determine your choice. 


It is the main buying factor for everyone. Earphones that come with medium-sized earbuds are assumed to be more comfortable. Some other aspects also play a crucial role in comforts, like the softness of earbuds and manufacturing material. 

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