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Whether it’s for podcasts, audiobooks, or music, earphones and headphones are something that helps you enjoy audio for years. As technology has been evolving, different designs for headphones and earphones have been introduced in the market. Each model comes with great features and a good fit. If you are looking for ergonomic fit, improved sound quality, and then earphones Singapore from gadget heaven. This guide will discuss different types of earphones and headphones that make your purchase a little easier. 

Earphones Singapore – Different types

Ear Bud Earphones

 The cheapest type of earphone is available for S$ 50 t0 S$70. Ear-Bud earphones, much like the standard Apple earphones, sit just outside the ear canal, as they form no seal sound will never be of the best quality, and the sound will leak possibly annoying the people around you also. The fit would also not be very secure; they are prone to falling out. 

In-Ear Earphones

Often referred to as “Sound Isolating Earphones,” in-ear earphones have become the norm and popular because they form a seal with the ear. It enhances the sound quality to levels you wouldn’t believe possible when comparing them to the standard Apple earphones, especially at the lower end. Outside sounds cannot leak into the ear canal, which would spoil the music coming through. But, just as importantly, no matter what volume you have them at (safe though, of course), people around you will not be able to hear your music! The fit is very secure due to the seal with the ear, and in most cases, the cable is also routed over the ear, which stops the weight of the cable from pulling the earphone out. 

Sports Earphones & Headphones

 Generally designed for use when running and for the gym – most of them are of headband style or have hooks/clips supported by the ear that stopping them from falling out. If you are looking for an earphone specifically for sports use, you need to ensure that they are sweat resistant to prolong their life. 

Supra-Aural Headphones

Headphones that have smaller ear-cup are designed to sit on the ear, often more lightweight than circumaural headphones; however, they offer less sound isolation.

Circumaural Headphones

They are full-size headphones that offer better isolation of outside noise as they completely cover the ear-cup. 

Open Backed Headphones

Open Backed Headphones or vented headphones allow sound to pass through the ear-cup; this lends itself to creating a more natural sound stage. This will, however, mean that people around you will be able to hear the music and that if you are in a noisy environment, you may hear what’s going on around you.

Closed Backed Headphones

Closed Backed Headphones or Sealed Headphones are, in essence, the opposite of open-backed. They form a seal around the ear, and the ear-cup is also sealed; this avoids sound leaking out or noise leaking in. This has increased sound isolation has great benefits if you are using them for DJ or production use. Above all, the sound doesn’t leave the ear-cup; it will bounce or reflect within its space and lead to the sound being less natural or open as with the open-backed type.

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