Bluetooth Earpiece – Easy tips to extend its life


Bluetooth earpiece can range in price from S$5 to S$1000; however, no matter how much they cost, they need care. And as you have no doubt spent the budget you were comfortable spending this time around, the better they are cared for, the longer they will last. Whether you have a wireless earphone Singapore or simple earbuds, here are some tips that help you extend your life. 

Track Bit Rate

To get the best from your earphones, the bit rate of your music tracks needs to be considered, measured in Kbps (kilobits per second); the generally accepted level at present is 256 Kbps. You can drop to 128 Kbps or higher than 256 Kbps. However, you will always need to balance quality vs. memory usage; 128 uses half the memory of a 256 track. Although the quality will be reduced, bear in mind that an average music track @ 256 Kbps will also use about 7-8MB of memory. Media Players like iTunes & Media Monkey have set preferences that allow you to adjust the bit rate for CD ripping; we would also suggest using the VBR (variable bit rate) option.

 In essence, you need to match the quality of your earphones to the quality of your tracks, so if you’re planning on enjoying your Roxette collection from the mid-90s that you ripped at 56 Kbps on a pair SE535 Triple Driver Earphones, the result may be less than ideal. Use GH series KZ hybrid earphones.

Type of Player

 Another consideration would be the type of player you are using. Although iPods, MP3 Players, Internet Tablets, Laptops, PCs, and Phones all play music tracks through their earphone sockets, they don’t all have identical power outputs. Ultimately items designed solely to play music are going to be your best option, such as the iPod or iPhone; they are more than capable of driving any portable earphone, including triple driver types, with no trouble; however, laptops wouldn’t achieve the same volume/quality levels (especially the bass end), and you may benefit from a portable headphone amp if this is your preferred music source.

Cables & Cases

Cables need to be cared for; if an earphone becomes faulty, most of the time, it is because of the cable and or the cable as it enters the jack plug. You may consider buying an earphone that has replaceable cables, however. Always be mindful that earphones aren’t indestructible, use an earphone case when not in use to avoid them getting snagged in your pockets or bag but don’t wind the cable up too tight or twist it. Lastly, when in use, your music player is likely to be in your pocket, whilst this is OK when walking, etc., try not to sit down on it too many times (another common cause of earphone faults) the earphone jack is not going to appreciate it! 

Bluetooth Earpiece Filters

 A number of Bluetooth earpiece manufacturers now include filters in their earphones to either improve/change the sound signature or to stop dirt getting into the earphone or both. These filters will need to be replaced over time; you will notice that your earphones will gradually become muted if not, usually on one side more than the other (In most people, usually one ear produces more wax than the other). Cleaning any loose debris from inside the earphone canal will help prolong the life of the filters and keep your costs down.

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